About The House:

We chose this house based on the floor plan and the features it has. We purchased these plans via a designers website. (If you are thinking about doing this read the notes on the "Companies We Use" page.) I had my wife write down all the things she wanted in a home. This floor plan had everything she wanted, except that the master bathroom was not right. I had already come to the conclusion that NO house would have the correct master bath layout, so when I came upon this plan, I knew it was the one. After redrawing the master bath, it was the right one.

First Floor
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Second Floor
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Rear Elevation

Some Stats:

First Floor
Living Area: 1580sq. ft.
Garage: 498sq. ft.
Entry: 125sq. ft.
Veranda: 246sq. ft.

Second Floor (Bonus Space)
Living Area: 758sq. ft.

Total Space: 3207sq. ft.
Total Living Area: 2338sq. ft.


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